Not a Clear Path to the Basket Foul, Foul committed from behind, but there is no possession

This is an example of a defensive foul that would NOT be ruled a Clear Path to the Basket Foul. In order to have a Clear Path Foul, several criteria must be met. These criteria are: (1) The ball must originate in the backcourt, and (2) it must be above the tip of the circle in the backcourt. (3) There must be clear possession by the new offensive team, and (4) there can be no opponent ahead of the play who is, or can establish, a position between the player with the ball and the basket at the time the foul occurred. Lastly (5), the foul itself must be committed from behind or from the side – not the front – of the offensive player if the foul is in the backcourt or if the defender committing the foul in the frontcourt was never ahead of the offensive player after he entered the frontcourt.
On this play, the player in the red jersey deflects the ball away from his opponent, but he is then fouled by #5 in the white uniform before he gains possession of the ball. Since he is deemed to NOT HAVE possession of the ball at the time of the foul, this WOULD NOT be considered a Clear Path to the Basket Foul.
The foul on this play DOES NOT meet the criteria needed for a Clear Path Foul, as the offensive player was fouled prior to passing the ball to his teammate who is ahead of his opponents. Since the foul occurred BEFORE the pass and there WAS another defender between the ball and the basket when the player was fouled, this WOULD NOT be considered a Clear Path to the Basket foul.