Welcome to the NEW Video Rulebook !

Welcome to the brand new Video Rulebook website ! We have recently made many changes and improvements to the site, and we’ve also given the site¬†a brand new look ! Dozens of new video examples have been added throughout the site in various categories, so please take some time and look around, and learn about NBA Rules and Violations through video examples !


The NBA Video Rulebook currently contains over 400 different play examples, and we are continually working to update the site with new content, and to provide interesting and educational examples. Look for more updates coming very soon to the NBA Video Rulebook !!


Note: The NBA Video Rulebook website is not meant to be a substitute for the Official NBA Rulebook. If there is any discrepancy in the language between the explanations listed on this site, and what is written in the Official Rulebook, the Official Rulebook takes precedence.