Charging, RA does not apply, dribbler moving on baseline behind backboard

This is an example of an offensive foul for charging, where the Restricted Area does not apply. The Restricted Area is the area within the arched line on the court below the rim. It applies to secondary defenders and was established to ensure offensive players have room to drive to the basket, without allowing defensive players an unfair advantage in drawing an offensive foul. The Restricted Area does not apply in the several situations, one of which is when the offensive player is not taking a path directly to the rim. On this play, the defensive player establishes a legal guarding position in the path of the offensive player who is moving from one side of the court to the other, moving behind the backboard as he does so, and he is not going directly to the rim. Because he is not going directly to the rim, the Restricted Area does not apply, and this is an offensive foul.