Defensive Foul, defensive player makes illegal contact to shooter’s wrist after release

This is an example of a defensive foul that is committed during the act of shooting by the offensive player. When attempting to block a shot, contact by defenders can be either incidental or illegal, depending on the level of contact, the location of the contact, and the timing of the contact given the shooter’s motion. Contact with the shooter’s arm or wrist during the shooter’s follow-thru is considered illegal, if the contact prevents the shooter from following-thru naturally. If however, incidental contact occurs AFTER the shooter has been given sufficient room to follow-thru, no foul call will be made. On this play, the hand-to-wrist contact by the defender to the shooter is released does not allow the shooter to finish his follow through, and a defensive foul is called. Note however that if the shooter’s follow-thru is unnatural – either to the side or extended forward – no defensive foul will be called.