“This is an example of a defensive foul, even though the contact on the play is initiated by the offensive player moving into the defender’s outstretched arm. The defensive player, Chris Paul, has his right arm extended, and, as the offensive player, Harrison Barnes, rips through with the ball from side-to-side, he makes contact with the defender’s extended arm. This contact occurs during that side-to-side motion, and it is prior to the start of the upward shooting motion of the offensive player. If contact is made with a defender in this position, it is a defensive foul, even though it is initiated by the offensive player, as the defender is responsible for his extended arm. To avoid being assessed a non-shooting foul, the defender must pull his arm back to avoid contact, or position it vertically overhead. Please note that no free throws will be awarded on a play like this, since the offensive player was not yet in the act of shooting.”