This is an example of a Legal Defensive alignment that would NOT result in a Defensive 3 Seconds Violation. Defensive 3 Seconds is called when a defensive player, who is positioned inside the 16 foot key area, does not actively guard an opponent within three seconds. A defensive player however may drop down into the 16 foot key area if the man he is guarding receives the ball. As long as that offensive player maintains possession of the ball, and no other defender guards that offensive player, that defender may remain in the 16 foot key area without penalty. The defensive player on this play DOES MOVE into the 16 foot key area once his opponent receives the ball, and he remains in the 16 foot key area without penalty until his opponent passes the ball and the defender at that point exits the 16 foot key area before his allowed 3 seconds expires. This is a legal defensive alignment and there is no violation on this play.