“A blocked shot is credited when a player deflects the course of a field goal attempt by an opponent and the shot is not made. An individual rebound is credited each time a player retrieves a live ball or purposely taps a live ball to a teammate immediately following a missed field goal attempt or a missed free throw attempt. A turnover is charged whenever the offensive team loses possession of the ball without attempting a field goal or a free throw (except in the case where the end of the period causes a team to lose possession of the ball). On this play, #24 in the white uniform, Pat Connaughton, blocks the shot attempt of #0 in the red uniform, Coby White. He then retrieves the ball from going out of bounds but in passing the ball back in bounds, the ball was deflected off his own teammate out of bounds. Here, Connaughton would be credited with a blocked shot, a defensive rebound, and a turnover.”