“An individual rebound is credited each time a player retrieves a live ball or purposely taps a live ball to a teammate immediately following a missed field goal attempt or a missed free throw attempt. A turnover is charged whenever the offensive team loses possession of the ball without attempting a field goal or a free throw (except in the case where the end of the period causes a team to lose possession of the ball). A steal is credited to a player that legally takes the ball away from an opponent, intercepts a pass, or otherwise obtains possession of the ball following an opponent’s turnover (provided the ball has remained in bounds and the clock has not stopped.) On this play, #25 in the grey uniform, Jakob Poeltl, retrieves the missed shot from going out of bounds but in tossing the ball back inbounds, he has possession and throws it to his opponent, #8 in the black uniform, Moe Harkless. Here, Poeltl would be credited with an offensive rebound and a turnover while Harkless would be credited with a steal.”